Hi. I'm Simon. 

You might know me by my alter ego, Simon Dude, but most people just call me Simon.  

I'm a husband, father, aspiring surf bum that lives in the midwest.

I started in the financial services industry 12 years ago.

I worked my way from secretary to salesman.

Then from salesman to self employed.

Then from self employed to shareholder.

Over the years, some stuff worked.

Most stuff didn't.

But MAN did all the failures and punches (personally and professionally) accumulate into some funny stories to tell at parties and in meetings.

This website will be for sharing story's about smart things I have learned doing dumb things as well as a journal for documenting new dumb things I try.

I am a recovering financial advisor and current co-founder of Personal CFO Launch, and Simon Dude Studios which I run Monday-Thursday (most weeks).

Outside of the office, you can find me playing with my kids, getting into mischief, telling corny dad jokes and trying to ride on any vehicle with wheels (engine powered or not).  When I am not working or spending time with my family, I can be found on YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tik Tok on occasion.