You can't give good financial advice when you don't have money.

Your brain just doesn't work.

Its surprising to me how many financial advisors are having money problems of their own...

If you’re an advisor and are in complete and utter chaos, we need to bring you clarity so you see your target.

We need to get you money in the door.

Fees. Commissions. It doesn't matter.

So long as you can find a prospect with a problem and offer them a solution that fits.

If we can get you money, we can show you how to "buy" implementation of your financial planning vision.

It's gonna be way easier for you to not focus on just selling term life insurance and Roth IRAs for $20 a year in revenue.

We need to get you to focus on a $5-10K packages to every single client or to refer them out for a split.

5-10k in up front planning fees

5-10k in insurance commissions

5-10k in annuity commissions

We need to you focus on working with clients where you can overwhelm them with so much up front value that they feel guilty not hiring you.

When you can gather an infusion of cash into your practice, you open up another chamber in your brain that enables you to crystallize your vision, collaborate with other advisor specialists, hire staff and build an actually business.

What's your take?

How do you manage cashflow in your financial planning practice?

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