Why do so many financial advisors like to tear down other financial advisors based solely on how they are licensed or what type of firm they are affiliated with?

I get it if they're doing bad work or negligent planning.

But often times it seems the attacks are based solely on:

they sell products = bad

they have their series 7 = bad

they are affiliated with a BD that manufactures products = bad

they are fee only = bad

they are commission only = bad

they are commission and fee = bad

they "double dip" on AUM + planning fees = bad

Advisors are seriously outnumbered by prospects....

Good advisors with a speciality aren't even competition for each other.

It's all about collaboration.

Why can't we all just:

grab a guitar

sit around a campfire

兩抽色 and be friends

How do you feel about financial advisors in other channels?

Love them? Hate them? Or don't care?

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