If you talk to clients outside, you talk to people, you talk to your neighbors, you talk to people in your community that are not your clients, what's their perception of financial advisors?

What will they say?

A lot of times what you'll hear is that they're just the fat cats on Wall Street.

People think that financial advisors are the ones that are sort of cashing in.

Clients don't have nearly as deep of an understanding of this business as you do, because you're in the business.

You should spend time studying not only learning how to get better with your process and become more intelligent, but also study what the market is thinking, study what the market is saying, and study what the market believes about what you do.

It doesn't matter what you believe about what you do, it matters what they believe about what you do, because they're the ones that are going to hire you or not hire you.

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