People don't care how much money you make.

They care how much you can help them.

This is evidence by a poll I ran last night on linkedin.

I asked advisers if they would find value in me documenting my revenue and expenses for my training and coaching business on a monthly basis. I was shocked by the results.

My initial thought was that since my audience is largely financial advisors who want to serve business owners and build the fee for advice side of their business, they would definitely find value in me documenting my financial journey to build my own coaching practice.

I was wrong.

I'll be honest, as I shifted from Advisor to Advisor Coach in 2020, I had a big chip on my shoulder to "prove that I'm good enough".

To show how much money I've made as an advisor & how "successful" I am now that I'm a coach.

Surely advisers wouldn't want to hire a coach that wasn't successful.

At the same time I was instinctually pouring everything into the existing advisors that hired me.

Many of those people have got incredible results.

Based on the poll results, as well as many private conversations, I am going to be showcasing my clients results rather than mine in the form of case study interviews.

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