No One Actually Wants to Retire

Nobody actually wants to retire from their job.

Nobody actually wants to exit their business.

What people really want to do is stop being the person that they currently are...

And start becoming the person they dreamed about becoming when they were a kid.

They want to...





They want to play.

They want to passionately pursue the projects that they never had the time, energy or resources to pursue before.

They want the freedom, flexibility and control to do

- what they want

- when they want

- with who they want

Can we, as an industry,

Stop talking about

Advisor alpha

P/E ratios

And "Probability of success"

Why don't we spend a little bit less time focusing on probability...

And a little more energy and empathy focusing on possibility?

What if our industry focused less on planning and product...

And spent more time on people and purpose?

What would happen?

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