You hear me talk a lot about small business owners not knowing their numbers.

If they do know their numbers....

They don't know what they mean.

And if they know their numbers

And they know what they mean...

They don't know what to do in reality to improve them...

What I have found interesting when working very closely with financial advisors over the last few years....


- know their numbers

- know what they mean

- know what to do to improve

Most advisors want more profit per household.

Most advisors want less clients and more impact.

Most advisors want deeper relationships with more emotional connection and planning complexity.

Some of it is a marketing problem.

Some of it is operations and service delivery.

Especially when you add fee for advice vs just insurance and AUM.

It just gets more complex.

But a lot of it just simply comes down to:

- knowing your numbers

- knowing what they mean

- knowing what to do about them

What are your thoughts?

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