Masterminds should be free.

Only gurus sell masterminds.

Those who can't do, teach.

All information is free online.

Why pay for



Rehashed information

YouTube it bro....

ever said anything like this?

I know I have.

My first year of duty as an advisor I did almost no joint fieldwork because I wanted 100% of every case.

I hired no coaches.

I took no courses.

I quite literally passed up on opportunities to "sharpen the sword".

I'm a second generation advisor.

My dad and uncle are super successful and they're just telling me what to do.

This was literally the tape that was playing in my head.

Sure I achieved some level of financial success.

I hit some metrics

Won some conferences


got some "achievement"

But what I was truly missing ..

Was a variety of perspectives, opinions, ideas and strategies.

Now anyone that's a second generation financial advisor can probably relate to what I'm about to say next...

YOU have a huge advantage.

And you know it.

Having a family member in the business to literally give you the answers as to what they did over the last 20 or 30 years to build their practice is like standing on the shoulders of giants.

You literally can't buy that level of love, care and empathy they have for you as you struggle to build your practice.

The challenge is, while their intentions are as pure as they could possibly be...

Their perspective is simply that...

Their perspective.

What worked for them.

And what they have gathered researched and learned over the years of listening to other successful people.

In my story, my personal and professional growth really took off like a rocket ship...

Was when I started truly understanding how neuro-divergent my brain was.

And I started learning in every field imaginable.


Exit Planning

Film production




Behavioral finance

Marketing funnels

Relationship development

Call Calling

Warm calling

Demand generation

One to one sales

One to many sales

And the list goes on

Which brings me to my next point...

If you've never invested actual money from your pocket into somebody else's in order to help you grow faster here's my pitch as to why you should do that.

TIME– you're busy and time is the greatest asset in the world. You can always collect more money. you can't collect more time

ACCESS- books are great and I've read hundreds of them. But now that I know that you can literally buy access to virtually anyone in the worldthrough Coaching consulting and courses.

SKILLS– More you learn how to do the more you earn

FOCUS– Everything is on the Internet, but what about the right thing for the right person at the right time

So now I'll ask you...

Do you pay for or invest in personal or professional development?

why or why not?

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