I was a financial advisor twice.

The first time, I was financially successful but emotionally unfulfilled.

I walked away from a lucrative practice to start a podcast.

I had no business model and ended up burning through 100k of savings.

At my rock bottom, my wife said,

"I'm pregnant".

"I don't think we have enough money for that" I responded.

I left and came back to our apartment with 3 roses.

One for you.

One for me.

One for baby.

Let's do this.

I knew how to sell, and I had the licenses so I decided to try my hand at building a financial practice again.

This time, I decided to cast a new vision.

‍One that would allow me to be intellectually stimulated, emotionally fulfilled, physically energized AND financially prosperous.

I developed a process that allowed me to:

- Grow revenue by 30-50% for 5 years straight

- Build to 40 ideal relationships (all of which where either AUM or fee for advice)

- Create clients on demand virtually through magnetic marketing and referrals

- Be home for dinner every night because I never ran evening or weekend appointments

- Make zero cold calls or run rubber chicken dinner seminars

And most importantly...

I just knew that what I was doing was working when my business owner clients were coming back to me more and more and saying “thank you.”

​I was starting to become their Trusted Advisor and Personal CFO.

This led to ‍internal demand from advisors within my firm asking me to coach them on my magnetic marketing process as well as teach them how to price, package and position advice for a fee to entrepreneurs, executives and creators.

I launched my first advisor coaching cohort and my advisor's results were pretty incredible.

I put together a 75 page slide deck, and with 8 months of preparation and planning, I made the pitch to my wife.

I got the biggest yes of my life, took my practice independent and ultimately sold it so I could focus on one big goal.

What if I could build 1,000 advisors into Personal CFO's and ultimately into CEO's of their own Personal CFO business?

Today, we are building the Personal CFO Movement, one advisor transformation at a time.

We are generating a ridiculous amount of success stories and case studies.

DM me “Case Study" if you want to learn how our Army of Personal CFO’s are helping entrepreneurs, executives and creators grow net profit, net worth and quality of life.

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