I was a 22 years old advisor and felt like a phony.

My feelings weren't unjustified.

I had no product knowledge.

No experience.

No real financial intelligence...

and most importantly.....

Very little emotional intelligence to empathize with clients that were older, wiser and richer.

I didn't even know what a financial advisor was really supposed to do.

At 22, was sitting in the back office of my uncle's highly successful practice.

He was a CFP.

I was not.

He had a $1M practice.

I did not.

He had clients.

I did not.

12 years later after:

- filling his calendar

- running his marketing

- doing endless paperwork

- placing millions in insurance, annuity and managed accounts

- starting a podcast that failed

- losing all my money at 26

- getting my wife pregnant

- realizing there is more to life than money

- building fee for advice practice that I loved

And now coaching advisors full time to win clients, get paid for advice and become sought after.....

I would give myself one more piece of advice.

Hire a coach.

I waited 5 years before I hired my first coach or even did much joint field work at all.

I was making money but I had no real direction.

I paid Brian Strock to teach me to empathize, listen and ask great questions.

I paid Andrew to help me think and act like a CFO strategist and tax planner.

I paid Russell to teach me value based pricing and demand generation.

I paid Bryan to teach me copywriting and demand based internet marketing.

I sought mentorship and joint work from advisors I respected and admired for the life and businesses they had built.

William, Clinton, Adam, Rob, David, Jeff, Dave, Keith, Loren, Jon, Vic, Zac, Dennis and Eric are a few that had the greatest impact personally, professionally and financially on my life and business.

On top of hiring coaches, seeking mentorship and joint work opportunities I listed to 1,000s of podcasts and audio books, read hundred of books and watched countless YouTube videos.

If you are looking to grow and don't have the money to hire a coach, learn for free on the internet, suck up your firms training resources and do joint work.

No one you admire got to where they are on their own.

Knowledge and skills are just like building blocks.

One brick at time.

Where do you go when you want to learn, get better and grow your business and advance your life.

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