Today is my birthday.

33 years young.

I like to work on my birthday.

I know some people take off, but I LOVE building, creating and doing.

That's the beauty of working for yourself right?

I have been self employed for 9 years but the last 2 have really been a glide pattern where finally I started to feel like I was hitting my stride.

For me it was when I started "finding my voice" here on linkedin.

I started talking through the vision I wanted to create in my life personally, professionally and financially.

I would take 2 minutes out between back to back meetings and write a post or shoot a quick video.

My fellow financial advisors at my firm thought I was nuts.

Ask my wife, I am nuts 😂

But the reality was is that by being myself, I was able to push away the people that shouldn't be in my life and seriously attract the people that NEED to be in my life.

Kind of like a magnet. 🧲

Attract and Repel.

In 2019 (pre-Covid) I ran 7 in person meetings.

In 2020, I ran 0 and grew my business by 68% year over year.

All Zoom.

All Linkedin.


I am continuously finding out more about myself and how to authentically serve others to get what they want out of their lives.

Long story short: don't be afraid to put yourself out there and find your tribe. 🕺🏻

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