"I'm a big girl!"

That's what Addie has been saying these days.

It's true.

Sometimes life moves so fast day to day that you don't even realize how fast it is moving year to year.

Today was one of those days.

Natalie and I set our "5 minute" timer to lay with Addie while she fell asleep.

Addie snuggled up in my chest and pulled my arm around her.

The kids were watching Mulan today so I naturally started singing (if that's what you call it) the Mulan theme song.

Addie was dying of laughter the entire time with her tiny little laugh.

Natalie quickly took this picture on the right and reminded me of the time she took the picture on the left.

It wasn't until she dug up the OG Daddy-Addie picture that I realized just how much Addie has grown in the last 4 (almost 5) years before she became the self proclaimed "big girl" that she is today.

It's so exciting and energizing to watch them grow and develop but it's also terrifying to know that all we are left with are pictures, videos and our memories of each interaction we have.

It was a healthy reminder of what truly matters in life.

Not business.

Not trips or vacations.

It's the people and the quality time spent with those people.

And Addie is at the top of my list now and forever.

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