I hear financial advisors say all the time, "I can't give tax advice, you should talk with your CPA" WHAT?! That sounds crazy to me. I'm not saying that the client's CPA or tax preparer is negligent or incompetent, but what if they missed something? Most "tax professionals" are doing tax prep, book keeping and monthly accounting for compliance. They are looking DOWN at their feet with each step they take to make sure they don't trip. What they are NOT doing is looking UP. They have (hopefully) unbelievable ability to integrate details and be accurate with tax filing requirements. What many of the so called tax experts lack is VISION, STRATEGY AND FORWARD LOOKING PLANNING IDEAS. That's exactly what we work with our advisors on inside our Personal CFO Launch Community. Not just how to come up with creative strategies to save their clients on taxes, but we give them a simple framework to help them price, package and position their tax reduction strategies into a limited planning engagement. The advisor gets paid $3-30k up front for the plan. The client gets an immediate ROI in tax savings. More importantly, they come back to the advisor and say thank you. Want a free case study?

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