When I started doing consulting for financial advisory practices, I had a number of advisers ask me why I didn't decide to go into a formal leadership or development role within my firm.

The short answer is I wanted to develop advisors as an objective third-party rather than as a leader within a sales organization.

I wanted to do it as an entrepreneur not as an employee.

And I want to do it in a fixed fee capacity rather than a percentage of sales.

Kinda like I was doing with fixed fee financial advice, I wanted that same level of trust.

I developed a system, framework and business model for creating trusted advisor relationships on a fixed fee for advice basis.

I only made sense for me to do the same thing well as I serve advisers.

2020 is been great.

2021 is gonna be a game-changer year for me and my clients.

Thank you all for your attention, engagement and support.


Simon Dude 🤙

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