Comedian Daniel Tosh (not my favorite comedian, but that’s beside the point) has this bit about money and jet skis.

He said, “people always talk about how money doesn't buy happiness, but I'll tell you what it does buy.

Money buys a jet ski and I've never seen someone frown on a jet ski.”

You can try and not enjoy a jet ski.

You get on the jet ski and you're just having a bad day and all of sudden you're like,


You can't be grumpy on a jet ski.

That's like the funny side of having more money: you can buy jet skis.

Yet, the other side of it is that it has nothing to do with having more money.

It has to do with creating freedom, flexibility and control, which creates clarity.


When I'm going crazy in life, I either need to work out, spend more time with my wife or make more money.

If one of those things is off balance, my life is confusing. When I'm not spending enough time with my wife, think about it and am distracted.

Life is interconnected.

When I can make more money than I need, I know I can use that to buy freedom.

I can buy time back to do things like solve personal problems and solve business problems.

I can just pay someone to mow my lawn for $30, even though I could do it for cheaper.

Then I can spend every Saturday morning making pancakes. If you have a family that matters, money will give you freedom to be present with them.

Being more in control of your entrepreneurial destiny is part of that freedom. Make more money and then become a leader and a business owner, rather than a self employed virtual assistant.

How do you view money?

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