I've created a lot of "business content" on LinkedIn in the last three or four years.

I've shared personal and business stories as well as insights from my own personal experience, conversations with clients and an insane amount of research.

I really leaned into the authenticity concept, which has transformed the trajectory of my life and business as well as that of all of my clients.

That said I haven't really been honest on LinkedIn.

I haven't really been my true self.

I'm the guy that likes to make people laugh.

If I never got into business, I probably would've failed forwards towards a career in entertainment or stand-up comedy or something.

I think I've done OK on the educational and think outside the box content, but rarely do I feel like I've made anyone laugh out loud with any content I've produced.

I'm gonna make a much better effort to dramatically increase the quality of the content that I produce in an effort to make people


Outside the Box 📦

I have really enjoyed watching and engaging with the comedic edutainment content that Keith Wilson, Ryan Scalera and Dominic Rufran have continued to put out.

I would love to know who you know that publishes the best sketch comedy videos here on linkedin.

Tag them below if ya like so I / (we all) can check them out.

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