Making of The Story of Addie Birthday Video


March 18th, 2022

Tears streaming down my face.

A deep feeling of neglect and regret ran pulsing through my veins.

Am I a terrible father?

Am I a phony?

Addie turns 6 today.

And I missed her last two birthdays.

I was physically here.

But I wasn't mentally here.

I started a business two years ago.

Took off my suit, put on a backwards hat and put 900% into my business, my clients and my "mission".

I was working from home 100% of the time.

In theory, that should have equated to more quality time with my kids.

But it didn't.

I wasn't mentally present.

My mind was completely consumed by work and I couldn't think about anything else.


For the first 4 years of Addies life, and the first 2 of Parkers, I wrote, directed, shot, edited, scored and published a "birthday video" for them.

It was my way of helping our family reflect on and celebrate their year.

I let that habit fall to the wayside.

Until today.

March 18, 2022.

Our first and oldest child, Addilyn Leeann Granner, turns 6 years old.

Just as her little baby baboon bib says,

"My heart belongs to Daddy",

MY heart belongs to Addie.

In an attempt to turn things around,

I am reviving my annual birthday video tradition.

Happy Birthday Addie. 🎉🎂🥳

I love you.😘❤️🥰

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